Playzone Set Up For Parties

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Birthday Party Toys Available

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Birthday Party Toys Available

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Playzone Set Up For Parties

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Playzone Set Up For Parties

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Birthday Party Toys Available

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Birthday Party Toys Available

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Playzone Set Up For Parties

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How do I start renting toys?
  toys-on-rent is a toy library and has toys exclusively for children from 0 months to 7 years old. Joining toys-on-rent is very simple. You can do by following method:
  1. Register to create a new account.
  2. Choose your membership plan.
  3. Pay online or cash on delivery.
  4. Browse through the catalogue and add toys to your queue.
  5. Get Free Home delivery of the toy, at your door step.
What kind of toys do you have?
  We have wide variety of toys (>250 toys). This includes an extensive range of outdoor toys, ride-ons, infant toys, sand/water toys, toys to encourage creative play, musical instruments to name a few.
How do you clean and sanitize toys?
  Toys-on-rent understands that taking care of your child’s health and hygiene is of utmost importance to you and the same is true for us.
Toys-on-rent cleans, sanitize and shrink wrap toys after each use before the toy is deemed ready for delivering to the next customer.
What happens if the toy I have rented is broken?
  Toys-on-rent has carefully selected toys that are sturdy and come from internationally reputed brands. In case of minor scratches to the toy, toys-on-rent does not levy any penalty and that is part of the normal wear and tear of the toy.
In case part of or complete toy is broken, toys-on-rent will do its best to repair the toy or replace the parts and the cost of such repairs or replacement will be borne by the customer.
How does 'toys-on-rent' work?
  It is simple. You take toys-on-rent by registering on our website and selecting the toys you want to order. We will take care of the rest by way of calling in for setting up appointment for toy delivery
Are there any delivery charges for the toys or do I have to pick them up?
  Toys-on-rent will deliver the toys at your doorstep free of cost. The same applies for returning/replacing the toys. 
How much time will it take to receive the toys after I place the order?
  Its depends on the delivery routes of the toys-on-rent center. But we will deliver the toys in a two or three days once you place an order.
How long can I keep the rented toys?
  Toys-on-rent standard renting cycle per toy is 2-4 weeks. Extension of toys is possible unless no other user has booked the toy. In case other users have booked the toy, the toy has to be returned upon completion of 2 weeks period.You will always have the option of adding the same toy to your Queue.
How do I book my toys in advance?
  You can book toys by adding them to the Queue and ranking them in the order of your preference.
What forms of payment do you accept?
  toys-on-rent is accepting payments by cash or cheque on delivery or online payment.
How are toys replaced? How do I get new toys?
  Ordering a new toy or replacement is very simple;
Look at the toy catalogue and add the toy to your queue. As per your delivery cycle toys-on-rent representation will intimate you the toy replacement date.
Do I need to pay deposit while becoming a member?
  Yes. Depending upon the rental plan you select, there is a refundable deposit for all members.
How to I extend the same toy for rental?
  Just call toys-on-rent and let us know if you want to extend the toy period. Subject to no other customer booking the toy, toys-on-rent will be happy to extend the toy period by 2 weeks at a time.
Am I expected to clean the toys?
  Yes. We expect parents and caregivers to return toys in a clean state. We are happy to give suggestions on cleaning. However the returned toy will again be cleaned before being recycled
How do I purchase and gift toys-on-rent gift cards?
  Toys-on-rent gift cards can be purchased by selecting and adding them to your shopping cart or by simply calling toys-on-rent (Gift cards are available in the following nominations; Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000).  Your gift card will be delivered electronically to you within 2-3 days
I have guests coming to visit for a week or more and they have a child between 0-7 years can I rent toys for short period?
  Yes. toys-on-rent will be happy to offer you a short term rental plan. Please call\email toys-on-rent center and we will be happy to help you.
Can I buy the toys that I have rented?
  Yes. toys-on-rent will be happy to offer you toys from the catalogue at attractive prices. Call our local representative for more details.
I am hosting a birthday party and will like to have toys-on-rent for the event?
  Yes. toys-on-rent will be happy to assist you with a very attractive offer make the event even more enjoyable!
What all cities is toys-on-rent based out from?
  toys-on-rent is currently operating its center from Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Varanasi and has plans to expand foot-print to various other cities in coming months.
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"My daughter always hooked herself on to things I found difficult to explain. Some toothpaste cover or box sometimes appealed more to her than an expensive toy I would buy her. LOL!!! ToysOnRent came to my mind as a financially viable option to cater to the shifting short attention span of today's nursery brigade. Also after peaking peaking as an accumulator I would sometimes get overwhelmed just to see how many "things" I have in my house. And once you "have" them disposal is another tax on the brain. Phew! Toys were one of those things - some lying around unused but me incapable of making a decision of how to "terminate" them. Srividya was very passionate, clear and never made it look like a business relation with my family. To my daughter she will remain much like a fairy - as she says..." What will Toy aunty bring today?". Immensely impressed by the concept and Srividya next door approach and reliability. All the best!!"
- Ayusman Mohanty- Chennai

"The concept of renting toys is such an innovative idea. As a parent we invest a lot on buying toys but unsure if the child would be interested in it. As the child grows they like to explore and learn new things around everyday. Toys do get to the corner of the house once they are fully explored. To satisfy this nature of the kid, ToysOnRent suits the best. The service is excellent. The toys are delivered on time, preference always met, clean and tidy toys, quality branded toys, sturdy. My child enjoys it very well. "
- Sangeeta -Chennai

"My daughter and I enjoy the concept of renting a toy. This helps the child to explore and enjoy several games and yet they are willing to give it up as they know something new is awaiting in the coming week. This concept also encourages reuse and reduce. Srividhya who runs this service in Chennai is a wonderful and pleasing person and always puts the child first rather than business. The toys she brings are very clean, neat and well maintained. A good collection of toys and games makes it very exciting for the child. Really hope more people get onto this concept. "
- Vidya - Chennai

"Innovative idea. This is the ultimate destination for branded toys. The great thing about this is kids get new toys for every fifteen days. They have a wide range of varieties to choose from. There are a lot of development toys which are in good condition. The plus is we never have to feel the toy was used before because it looks like new. Srividya is doing an excellent job at following up and meeting our requests. "
- Gayathri- Chennai

"It's a good diversion for kids to get new toys every fifteen days. Innovative idea and Srividya is doing an excellent job in responding to our requests. Toysonrent is such a.nice platform to shop for toys. "
- Gayathri

"I have been a member of toys on rent for past 6 months.Really it is a good and welcoming concept.Toys r of good quality.They are very clean and well maintained like new toy.Toys r of different types to suit all age groups.Children get bored of playing with same toys for a long time.Getting a new toy every fortnight is exciting for kids.They are prompt in service.Best wishes to continue their service."
- Aaron - Chennai

"Just started on yesterday. really surprised, its good packed & new toys delivered. my 4 year son enjoying well. thanks to toys n rent Chennai team. "
- Saravanakumar - Chennai

"I recently joined toys on rent in ahmedabad. I had very good experience with manali who owns this franchise. She was very nice and helpful. She has very good variety of branded toys. Both my sons are having lot of fun playing with these toys. Good concept of not having to spend on expensive toys. And also all toys were new and very good condition. Highly recomend toys on rent! Give it a try you will definetely like it!"
- Jyotsna - Ahmedabad

"Good work...Keep it up!"
- Sajili - Yojna Vihar - New Delhi

"I have recently become a member and I am quite impressed with the selection on toys and their condition. They all seem to be brand new and the staff is very polite. Its a pleasure to deal with Varsha ! She is so nice and customer focused ! Way to go team !"
- Ananya - Kammanahalli - Bangalore

"This is a fantasic center and very friendly people ! Would highly reccomend! "
- Uday - Kammanahalli, Bangalore

"toys-on-rent has been a blessing in disguise. Thanks Prajakta for conceptualizing this. Brilliant service, excellent condition of all toys,care taken to package & clean well so there was never a hygiene issue,timely delivery & pick up service.Ten out of ten service.Outstanding & great value for money. Any day a better bet than buying expensive & bulky toys which your child at times might not even look at as well as having the hassle of storing it away. Valuable, unique & quality service!"
- Reena - Cox Town, Bangalore

"My son is really enjoying the variety of toys. Yes its a great concept."
- Sapna Sikaria - Goregaon, Mumbai

"Great concept, helpful staff and timely service. Loads of toys to choose from which i could not imagine my daughter playing with are just a click away! happy kids, happy parents! Thank you and three cheers to the entire team:) "
- Nancy B - Bandra, Mumbai

"I like the website design and collection of toys."
- Priya - Jeedimetla, Hyderabad

"Very nice concept and my kid is enjoying with every new toy. I like the promptness in service."
- Sonal - Kompally, Hyderabad

"Toys on rent is absolutely great! I must say the website is run professionally, and the customer service is excellent. I always get replies from Madhur and team, and delivery of toys is on time, as promised. Its also a great initiative, considering that its environment friendly and all kids can enjoy their amazing choice of toys. Highly recommended to join."
- Prem - Marathahalli, Bangalore

"Nice Concept and New Look of website."
- Kunal - Indira Nagar, Bangalore

"Renting out toys..i would say is an excellent concept..This is helping me to bring in variety of toys for my son...more FREQUENTLY. Kids get bored of a toy in a very short time and hence this program helps me in getting him new toys to play with and helps me save the cost. I am glad that I can get my child the Toys from the best International brands without purchasing them."
- Jaya - JP Nagar, Bangalore

"The toys collection are just amazing as they are expensive outside. I really liked the idea of just borrowing the toy till my little son gets bored of it and pick up another exciting toy! They have a great collection of toys for various ages and they understand the needs of kids as they are lovely parents too!"
- Pallavi - Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

""Who so neglects learning in his youth, Loses the past and is dead for the future."---Euriphides Now, with an array of toys from toys-on-rent, I feel secured about the learning of my daughter."
- Sachin - Hebbal, Bangalore

"I was amazed by this concept and rented couple of toys for my son Adhvaith. My son used to get bored with the old toys. Now I have toys-on-rent to solve my problem. The toys which I rented were of high quality and clean. I am also happy with their service and delivery."
- Karthikeyan Rama Krishnan - R.T.Nagar, Bangalore

"Toys-on-rent.com is excellent and innovative idea which serves babies and children to play with educational and quality toys and books. The collections of toys are exceptional and unbreakable. My kid loves it to play with different types of toys."
- Kirthika - Yelahanka, Bangalore

"Good Experience to be with toys-on-rent. Excellent value for money."
- Radhika - New BEL Road, Bangalore

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